German language application

German language application, Your children have difficulties learning German and cannot remember important words. Download this free application on your Android phone and your kids will be able to memorize so many important words in German. The application is characterized by the presence of a large number of games and different sections. thanks to which the students can memorize many words in a short time. The application also supports operation without the need to connect to the Internet. The application is characterized by the presence of a large collection of images, which are shown below. This method helps students memorize the meanings of words and spell them correctly.

The application is characterized by the presence of a large number of the most important words that are used in the German language. It also includes lists of key items such as words used in schools, restaurants, universities, airports, train stations and on the streets, restaurants, cafes and other important words that must be known and memorized. Words are constantly being added to the application through updates, and the application allows translation for many languages ​​other than German. You can use all functions of this application for free and at any time without having to connect to the Internet.

Application learn and play This application is completely free and does not require a subscription or additional cost. You can also use all functions of the program without an internet connection. Within the application there are many areas such as games, puzzles, dictionaries and translations for many non-German languages. There are more than 3,000 words in the application of the most famous and most frequently used words in German society. Like words used in schools, street, questions about addresses, airports, and other important words.

German language application for Android

This application is featured by many wonderful features that allow many people to download from the Android system to their phones. Where the application has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times by Android users. This application several wonderful functions help many students to memorize the greatest number of words of the German language correctly and in the fastest time. ⦁ The application is completely free and supports playback on all Android phones. ⦁ No internet connection is required for operation. ⦁ More than 3,000 of the most important words in the German language. ⦁ There is a dictionary and translator for many international languages. ⦁ Contains a variety of games and pictures to help children remember important German words quickly and correctly.

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